Lawn tractor

Sector: Gardening

We developed the design of a riding lawn mower with a very aggressive style derived from the automotive and in line with the trends of the sector which today sees the transformation of what were previously purely functional machines into extremely technological and design products.

P18 trattorino sketch 01
P18 trattorino sketch 02

The project

A distinguishing feature of our mower is the front where the headlights have a design that follows the shapes of the bodywork and they are embellished with a luminous signature that stands out among the clean lines of the front.

The line of the wheel arches spreads all around the vehicle, creating a ring that smoothly connects the front to the rear and giving great dynamicity to the mower style.

The "fin" that covers the sides from the bonnet creates depth in the design and it is reflected on the sides, creating an ideal union between the front and the rear, which usually are separated elements in a vehicle of this type. Finally, the contrasting and lively coloured seat is the last accent that gives dynamism to the design of the tractor.

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