Sector: Air Treatment Systems

Never before the attention for disinfecting and sanitizing has been so important, because of this Eurotecnica asked us to design their air treatment unit Tubojet. The goal was to make a product easy to produce in house by our client with a modern and characteristic look.

P05 Tubojet sketch 01
P05 Tubojet sketch 02

The project

We created an object that can adapt to the most modern domestic and commercial environments using a mix of metal and glass. The elongated shape with very rounded corners creates a visually light volume that can be installed in various positions without ever being too showy.

In addition to the shape, we also considered the perception of the object, bringing the status LEDs to be not only a functional part, but also an aesthetic part. Placed in the air outlet area, they signal the operation of the device and create interesting plays of light and reflections with the glass ring that surrounds them.

The power button and the "Tubojet" logo are positioned in a way that allows the appliance to be installed on the wall both horizontally and vertically, remaining accessible and legible in both cases. The flat base also allows you to use the purifier even by placing it on the floor.

P05 Tubojet render 03
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