Sparkling water maker

Sector: Home products

We developed the sparkling water maker HAPPY FRIZZ MIO, the latest product from Happy Frizz. Our customer asked us for a new design that was good looking, easy to use and well engineered in order to reduce the assembly times and the number of components.

P11 HF Gasatore sketch 01
P11 HF Gasatore sketch 02

The project

We wanted to give Mio a minimal look to blend in the household environment. The design is clean and elegant, but still with slender lines running from the bottom to the top.

We studied the ergonomics to give an easy to use experience, with easy accessibility to all the parts that the user handles, from the carbonating button to the gas cylinder lid.

Mio consists of 5 parts made of injection-moulded plastic and fitted together, ensuring an extreme ease of movement of the parts both during assembly and during standard use. Everything is assembled using only two screws on the inside of the case.

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