Dust controller

Sector: Construction Industry

EmiControls wanted a distinctive and modern design to launch their flagship product, the V22Orca Dust Controller.

P08 EMI Controls sketch 01
P08 EMI Controls sketch 02

The project

V22Orca is a dust control machine that has been specially developed for cold countries. It can produce water or, when the temperature drops, it can instantly switch to snow. This makes it the first hybrid dust controller. The body is realized in thermoformed plastic and a particular plastic blend has been chosen to withstand the difficult environment in which it has to work.  In particular we designed and engineered all the plastics that cover the cannon, the basic mechanics and the pump casing in the back

The industrialization of the casings has been designed to allow simple assembly and easy access to areas subject to maintenance. Finally, we chose a material that ensures high impact resistance.

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