Automatic pill dispenser

Sector: Medical

MediMe wants to revolutionize the way we take our medications at home and has entrusted us with  developing the design and the industrialization of an innovative domestic pill dispenser which, thanks to its automatisms and to its technical characteristics, is able to ensure better adherence to complex drug therapies.

P03 Medime sketch 01
P03 Medime sketch 02

The project

The product design has been developed together with the mechanical design and industrialization in order to meet the functional and dimensional needs of the dispenser. The dispenser is compact but ergonomic at the same time, thanks to its soft lines. The design process focused mainly on the lid that has a very distinct shape that integrates the hinges and the closing mechanism while hiding them.

The industrialization phase has optimized the revolving mechanism of the dispenser as well as the automatic door that allows the dispensing of pills. Finally, the base, also made of injection-moulded plastic, allows the product to stand upright like the most modern domestic devices.

P03 medime render 05
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