Automated warehouse

Sector: Medical

We were commissioned to develop the design of a new automated warehouse model for pharmacies. The design goal was to characterize the machine by developing aesthetic details that communicate the technological quality of the product.

P07 LABEL sketch 02
P07 LABEL sketch 01

The project

We developed the design taking into account the modularity of the product necessary for its adaptability to any environment and space. The overlapping of the sheets, the rounded corners and the graphic elements were the focus of the warehouse characterization activity.

The entrance to the warehouse has been treated in terms of aesthetics to make it more modern and ergonomic, with particular attention to the area of interaction with the user, bringing the monitor over the loading conveyor and renovating the door with a minimal handle and with adhesive graphics.

The color management has also been designed to enhance the user interaction areas and the main hubs of the warehouse, a neutral base color is contrasted by color "hotspots" that capture the attention and give dynamism where it is not possible to create it with shapes.

P07 Label render 05
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