Capsule coffee machine

Sector: Coffee machines

We have developed the design of a coffee machine for domestic use starting from the idea of creating a product that could stand in different positions, not just "vertically" like those currently on the market. The idea is to develop the machine in order to reduce the frontal footprint and give the user a different possibility of managing spaces in the kitchen. The machines can be also used in the traditional way.

P17 macchina caffe 2021 sketch 01
P17 macchina caffe 2021 sketch 02

The project

A transparent side that let the user see everything inside the machine, therefore the dispensing area, the capsule drawer and the tank characterizes the front of the machine. The aim is to obtain a showcase effect. Another aesthetic aspect is to have surfaces that are as smooth and easy to clean as possible, creating a contrast between the glossy roof, glossy transparent parts and the opaque ones.

The dispensing area is also designed in a different way, it is no longer an appendix as in most of the domestic machines, but becomes an integral part of the object, obtained inside its volume almost as if it were dug inside.

P17 macchina caffe 2021 render 05
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