Cooker hoods

Sector: Home products

We have been involved in the design of a kitchen hood, we wanted it to have a strong aesthetic impact but, at the same time, be elegant and appropriate for a modern kitchen.

P13 Cappa Sketch 01
P13 Cappa Sketch 02

The project

The design focused on minimizing the overall dimensions and creating an effect of lightness with the positioning of panels on the wall. The contrasting colors of the panels increase the "floating" effect and give a great three-dimensionality to the product.

The shape of the panels and their layout ensures the functionality that stays hidden in order to emphasise the aesthetics of the hood, with the suction area created in the space left between the two panels, while behind the rear panel is the space for the lighting, which is also visible only if used.

The obtained effect is an object with minimal shapes, very clean and modern with a predominant aesthetic impact that does not, however, sacrifice functionality, ergonomics and ease of interaction with the user.

P13 Cappa Render 06
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