Control unit automotive

Sector: Industrial Automotive

The goal requested from our client was to design an aluminium control unit for the automotive sector with particular attention to its aesthetics.

P06 ECU sketch 01
P06 ECU sketch 02

The project

The ECU is an electronic board contained between an aluminium moulded front shell and a sheet metal back.

The main function of the shell is to dissipate the heat generated by the board and so we focused our design on the fins, which are essential for the heat dissipation, and we gave them a characteristic look that makes this ECU beautiful and unique.

The proposed design was finally developed and mechanically industrialized according to the characteristics needed for it to be aluminium moulded.

An important functional detail is to give the control units the possibility to be stacked leaving an air cushion between one and the other to allow heat to dissipate. We therefore created feets that could satisfy this need and that are an integral part of the aesthetics.

P06 ECU render 06
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